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Skills and Interest
Features employees to showcase personal information, skills and interest.
Features employees to showcase achievements, and certifications.
Activity Scoreboard
An employee activity scoreboard that periodically rates an employee’s performance.
Affinity Index
To view a score of interests common between the employee and other person profiles.
Activity Timeline
Facebook-like timeline where you can see your posts or newsfeed, posts you've shared by others.
Employee Database
Centralized employee records organized, and well structured.
Advanced Search
Advanced search with filter to check employees with department, experience, skill
Starred Contacts feature
Starred Contacts in intranet will be seen on top of the employee directory.
Rewards and Recognition
Peer to peer recognition with badges that will be highlighted on the employee dashboard.
Linkedin Styled Recommendations
Appreciating employee or colleague work which will be showcased like Linkedin recommendations.
Android Mobile App
Android mobile app for remote users to communicate through mobile app with push notifications
Intra-office Messaging Module
Now email messaging made possible for all employees of the company
Employee Mood Tracker
IntranetApp tracks employee happiness levels by eliciting positive or negative mindset tracking through regular feedback.
Helpdesk Trouble Ticketing with Multi-Category support
Trouble ticketing software for employees to report HR and technical issues with Multi-Category support.
E-Sticky Notes Everywhere
IntranetApps have special Features of E-Sticky Notes Everywhere
Document Management System
Basic document management system with access control and upload & files download option.
Document Management System
Basic Document Management System with access control and upload & files download option
Video Galleries
Glaze company videos on intranet with video galleries and showcase a product or people in action.
Create engaging posts and announce on company intranet, tagging users, and groups.
Communication is key for practically every organization on the planet
Thought of the Day
See daily quotes on employees' Intranet wall and motivate them on a regular basis.
Multi-Level Comments, Likes, Dislikes
IntranetApps with social networking feature like Multi-Level Comments, Like, Dislike facility by Users
Latest Posts
See latest post on employee intranet dashboard.
Multiple Event Calendars
IntranetApps have special Features of Multiple Event Calendars
Groups / Departments
Share news, policies and announcements tagging relevant groups and departments.
Internal News
Share company important news with effective communications tools to departments and divisions.
Poll Survey
Online Polls with multiple choice options, linear graph with interactive reports.
RSS Feeds
This feature enables users to share eternal news feeds on intranet wall.
Brain Storming / Work Report
Creative Social Intranet is a complete corporate HR intranet solution with a task manager to maintain work logs & task scheduling supporting efficiency during organizational processes.
IntranetApps has auto-notifications in almost all applications and get alert for every HR update.
Bulk Excel Upload
IntranetApps has Bulk Excel User Import, and Bulk Excel User Suspension
Work Anniversaries
IntranetApps calendar feature shows employee work anniversaries to make meaningful engagement.
Personalised birthday greeting popup with notifications on employee intranet wall
New Joinees
Employee onboarding with update profile, help, policy read, understand the org hierarchy, company details, checklist, etc
Meeting Room Booking
Easy meeting scheduling and room booking to make best out of company resources.

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Intranet Apps was founded on the idea to provide an amazing intranet at a very low cost, yet with a modular design that will allow companies to start with the components they need now and seamlessly add more later.

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