General FAQS

Why Intranet Apps?
How intranet software can benefit your organization?
Which kind of organizations and users can use Intranet Applications?

Intranet App collaborates with various users and organizations, including Mid-Size Businesses, Small Businesses, Enterprises, Freelancers, Nonprofits, Government entities, and Startups.

In what languages is Intranet App's product available?

Creative Social Intranet’s product is available exclusively in English.

What support options does Intranet Applications extend to its users?

Intranet Applications provides support during business hours and through online channels.

Which other applications or services does Intranet Applications have integration capabilities?

Intranet Applications seamlessly integrates with various platforms, including Google Drive, Microsoft Excel, Gmail, Jira Work Management, Jira Software, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Microsoft SharePoint, and Slack.

Is there a mobile app for Intranet Applications?

Yes, Intranet Applications has a mobile app designed for Android and iOS users.

What forms of training does Intranet Applications offer?

Intranet Applications provides training through documentation, live online sessions, webinars, in-person sessions, and videos.

What is the starting cost for the Intranet Applications?

Intranet Applications starts at $0.90 per user per month.

What is the pricing structure for support with Intranet Applications?

Intranet Applications includes support with the purchase at no additional cost.

What is the pricing structure for training with Intranet Applications?

Intranet Applications includes training with the purchase at no extra charge.

Intranet Guide to
Getting Started

How to setup your portal?
Update company policies
Setting Quick Links on Intranet
Intranet Apps Product Tour Video
How do I create departments for a new domain?
How Do I Bulk Invite People to Teams in Intranet apps?
How Do I Invite Users by Importing from a Csv File?
How do I Bulk Excel User Suspension ?
How to Follow Colleagues You Work with in Intranet apps?
How to create Basic User / Employee Profile – Contact Details?

Company Features

How to post Announcements?
Bulk upload of Thought of the Day
Bulk upload of Tips of the Day
How to post employee poll / survey, invite users and check statistics in admin?
Timesheet / Work Report / Project Management
Calendar / events

Employee engagement

How to start with Birthday Widgets?
How to start with New Joinees Widgets?
How to start with Work Anniversaries Widgets?
News Widgets
How to upload images in image Gallery?
How to upload videos in Video gallery?
User Mood Tracker

Rewards and Recognition

How to add recognition badges?
How to allocate a badge to an user?

Meeting room booking system

How to create meeting rooms?
How to book a meeting room and invite users?
How to cancel a booked meeting?
Check statistics of meeting room booking in admin

booking system

How to create assets for booking?
How to book an asset?
How to cancel a booked asset?
Check statistics of asset booking in admin

Helpdesk trouble ticketing

How to create a trouble ticket?
How to assign admin for checking tickets?
How to see completed, pending tickets

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